The Lodge

The lodge contains six beautiful self-catering holiday suites, five of them with sleeping lofts and the sixth suite, which is specially designed for the handicapped, does not have a loft. The loft is designed for families with children as its ceiling is not high enough for an adult to stand upright. Each suite has a private bathroom and a private outdoor porch overlooking the magnificent view of Jerusalem's green mountains . All suites are comfortably furnished and equipped to make youre stay an enjoyable one. Each self-catering suite has its own private kitchenette, which includes a refrigerator, an electric stove, cutlery and dishes, designed for the preparation of light meals.  A private parking place with accessibility for the handicapped is attached to the lodge, and the entire area of the lodge is secured by a gate and fence.

The lodge is a straw-bale Building. The walls are built of straw-bales covered with a thick mud plaster. This not only gives a beautiful curved finish to the walls, but also provides great insulation to the building making heating in winter and cooling in summer practically unnecessary. Nevertheless, the lodge is equipped with an Air Source Heat Pump – a system for absorbing heat from the air, which heats the hot water for the bathrooms and kitchens; and also pumps hot or cold water to fan-coils in the suites, for air-conditioning (if requested).

The lodge water waste is drained to a phytotechnology appliance which purifies the water, enabling the recycling of the water for irrigation.



Suite with a Gallery